ChatGPT Email Scams Explained

Scammers are using ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to generate emails that are being used to steal money from people. How ChatGPT Email Scams Work Among the ways ChatGPT can be used in an email scam is a fake email purporting to be from a co-worker or freelancer asking the target to complete “work-related” … Read more

Facebook Crackdown On ChatGPT Scam Malware Explained

Facebook said that scammers with fake ChatGPT apps had to be purged from its servers. ChatGPT Malware Scams Detected On Facebook Meta, Facebook’s parent company, revealed the information in its Q3 2023 security report. In the report, Meta said that it discovered 10 malware families posing as ChatGPT and similar AI chatbot tools. After downloading … Read more

Report: ChaGPT Scams On The Rise

Scams using the ChatGPT AI chatbot service from OpenAI are increasing, according to a new report from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42.  The company is a cybersecurity firm and said that across its monitoring network from November 2022 to early April 2023 there were now more than 100 daily detections of malicious web addresses (URLs) … Read more