AI Used To Generate Music Sold In Soundalike Scam

Articifial intelligence technology was used to generate fake music that was then sold in a scam. AI was used to generate music tracks that sounded like singer Frank Ocean. Vice reported that the fake music was sold as “leaked” tracks of Ocean’s work to underground music collectors. The scammer, with the username mourningassassin, told Vice … Read more

Spotify AI Fake Stream Scam Explained

Spotify has removed thousands of AI-generated songs as part of an investigation into fraud related to fake streams. Spotify sources announced that it had removed tens of thousands of songs from the AI music service Boomy, amounting to about 7% of the Boomy songs that had been uploaded to Spotify. The songs were removed because … Read more

Elon Musk TruthGPT Coin Scam Explained

An AI investment scam used a false endorsement by Elon Musk and his connection to TruthGPT, a cryptocurrency linked to artificial intelligence technology. Texas Cease And Desist Ordered Against TruthGPT Coin Scam The Texas State Securities Board announced on May 3 2023 that Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles had entered an emergency cease and desist … Read more

How Kidnap Scammers Use AI To Make Fake Videos, Audio Recordings

Police around the United States have been warning citizens that scammers are using AI technology to create fake kidnapping themed videos and voice recordings. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a warning about AI scams used in family emergencies. The FTC advises those who are on the receiving end of a family emergency call … Read more

Report: ChaGPT Scams On The Rise

Scams using the ChatGPT AI chatbot service from OpenAI are increasing, according to a new report from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42.  The company is a cybersecurity firm and said that across its monitoring network from November 2022 to early April 2023 there were now more than 100 daily detections of malicious web addresses (URLs) … Read more