ChatGPT Email Scams Explained

Scammers are using ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to generate emails that are being used to steal money from people.

How ChatGPT Email Scams Work

Among the ways ChatGPT can be used in an email scam is a fake email purporting to be from a co-worker or freelancer asking the target to complete “work-related” tasks that are actually ways to generate illicit profit. These emails will use information like the name of a boss or co-worker, obtained via subterfuge, to make them seem more realistic.

Scammers can also impersonate school officials, coaches for teams, or trusted authority figures like the police, banks, or other government agencies.

Services like ChatGPT can be programmed by scammers to avoid trigger words that are flagged in email filters, allowing them to bypass “junk” and “spam” folders.