AI Deepfake Audio Used At Senate Hearing

A US Senate hearing into artificial intelligence technology highlighted the possibilities of AI deepfakes, with a fake speech simulating Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). Blumenthal played a recording of the AI deepfaking himself before testimony from OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Video: ChatGPT generates fake speech for Sen. Richard Blumenthal The fake speech read from a script … Read more

Study: Police Are Using AI Tools To Fight Crime, But Don’t Understand Them

A March 2023 study from North Carolina State University has found that while police departments are using AI as part of criminal investigations, these departments “do not understand how these technologies work.” Examples of AI tech used by police include predictive policing, facial recognition, and gunshot detection. Jim Brunet, a co-author of the study and … Read more

Pentagon AI Chief Warns That ChatGPT Could Aid Terrorism

AI technology like ChatGPT could be a threat to U.S. national security, aiding efforts like international terrorism, says Craig Martell, who serves as the US Department of Defense’s chief digital and AI officer. Martell spoke on May 3 2023 at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)’s TechNet Cyber conference in Baltimore. He told … Read more

AI Used To Generate Music Sold In Soundalike Scam

Articifial intelligence technology was used to generate fake music that was then sold in a scam. AI was used to generate music tracks that sounded like singer Frank Ocean. Vice reported that the fake music was sold as “leaked” tracks of Ocean’s work to underground music collectors. The scammer, with the username mourningassassin, told Vice … Read more

Who Was The First Person Arrested For Using ChatGPT?

A Chinese man, name only given as Hong, was arrested on the charge of using ChatGPT to generate and promote fake news about a train crash on May 7 2023. The arrest is reportedly the first arrest for behavior connected to the ChatGPT artificial intelligence bot. Chinese ChatGPT Fake News Arrest Explained The man, surname … Read more

ChatGPT Email Scams Explained

Scammers are using ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to generate emails that are being used to steal money from people. How ChatGPT Email Scams Work Among the ways ChatGPT can be used in an email scam is a fake email purporting to be from a co-worker or freelancer asking the target to complete “work-related” … Read more

AI Investment Scams: How To Spot And Avoid Them

Scammers are now using artificial intelligence to lure unsuspecting people into putting their money into investment scams. Hundreds of thousands of dollars could be lost when people invest with these fraudulent groups and individuals. This is a guide to AI investment scams with information on how to spot them and how to avoid losing money … Read more

Spotify AI Fake Stream Scam Explained

Spotify has removed thousands of AI-generated songs as part of an investigation into fraud related to fake streams. Spotify sources announced that it had removed tens of thousands of songs from the AI music service Boomy, amounting to about 7% of the Boomy songs that had been uploaded to Spotify. The songs were removed because … Read more